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The Complete Guide to Estate Planning

Preparing for your Family Wealth Planning Session

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If you have not already done so, you will need to complete an Asset Inventory Spreadsheet, so we can be prepared to discuss your assets.  This is also a great way to get organized and start compiling all your assets so your family knows what you have and where they can be found. Don’t worry about filling it out perfectly, we will have plenty of time to edit it later if need be. 

At your Family Wealth Planning Session

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During this meeting, we will sit down, one-to-one (usually via zoom). 
We will go over exactly what would happen to you and your family - if something were to happen to you today. Anything that doesn’t feel right to you about the way the state would deal with your property and assets, can be planned for during this session. 
You will then choose the estate planning package that is best for you and decide on a payment option. 
Finally, we will get to work designing your estate plan!

Feedback Period

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During this time, we will forward you our notes from the Family Wealth Planning Session. This is an opportunity for you to double-check all the information, and revise, add, or delete any information.
If you are hiring us to “Fund” your Trust, we will also send you an updated Asset Inventory Spreadsheet, for you to review. We want to make sure ALL your hard-earned assets are accounted for.
Following your review, you will return the notes back to us so that we can begin drafting your legal documents.

Signing Meeting

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Congratulations! Your legal documents are ready to be signed. This is a big moment!
We will present each document, review what it means, and remind you why you made your selections. You’ll sign and we will provide the notary and witnesses. From this point forward your family and assets are protected.

Asset and Beneficiary Update Period

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Following the signing of your estate plan, you’ll likely need to make updates to title and/or beneficiary designations on some or all of your assets (i.e., “fund” your trust).
At your Signing Meeting, together we will review your Asset Inventory along with the Trust Funding Instructions. You will have specific action items and boxes to check when complete.
Follow the instructions provided and you are well on your way to fully funding your trust.

Your Final Legacy Meeting

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And here is the best part! At your Final Legacy Meeting, we’ll focus on capturing your MOST VALUABLE assets- your insights, values, stories, and experiences.
We will give you ideas on how to capture your legacy and leave it for the next generations, and we’ll record your Legacy Interview- the first of many you are invited to record on your own to add to your online Legacy Library. 
This is also when you receive your estate planning binder and originals to take home for safekeeping.


So, there it is, the complete road map.

Ultimately our goal is to help you gain PEACE OF MIND.

We hope our commitment to an easy three-meeting process and transparency on fees inspires you to take action to protect your loved ones.

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